Our Services for Tenants

Hot Property Management and Rentals offers tenants complete care: helping you find the perfect rental, guiding you through the process and caring for you and your home once you’re in there. We remove the hassles and keep it easy!

Applying for the property

We can help you find and get settled in your perfect rental property, leading you through the process and outlining potential costs.

Once you have viewed a property you like, you will either be given an application form, or you can download one from our website. When we then receive your completed form, we will conduct a reference check and make a decision about awarding you the tenancy.

If you are successful in securing the property, you will be asked to come into the office to sign the Tenancy Agreement.

The day you take possession of the property, you will need to come in and pay the bond and the first weeks rent. At this stage you will be given the keys and will be ready to get settled into your new home.

Moving into a new place does carry some extra expense. Some of this is recouped at the end of your tenancy, ie: the Bond if no damage has been done to the property.


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Moving in

Demystifying rent payments, utilities, Inspection Reports and ongoing inspections so you know exactly what to expect.

We hope you are now enjoying your new home. There’s still a wee bit of business to take care of though. Firstly, you will be responsible for getting the power, gas, telephone and any other utilities connected, in your name.

You will also be required to set up a regular automatic payment to come out weekly or fortnightly with your rent. We request just one payment per property, so sort out other tenants to pay their share to you directly, so that one total payment can be made to us. If, for any reason, your payment is not going to go through as scheduled, please let us know so that we can discuss when you will be able to catch up.

At the start of your tenancy you will be given an Initial Inspection Report, showing the state of the property at the time of moving in. You will have a week to read this over, check that you are happy with everything and advise us if you think that there is anything that needs to be added in. Then, just send it back to us and we’ll keep it on file until you move out again, at which time, it will be used at your final inspection.

We will be doing property inspections on an ongoing basis: once 3 months after you move in and then every 6 months. You will be sent a letter before each inspection and given 48 hours notice. The inspections take place between 9am and 5pm and we have keys at our office, so you don’t need to be at home. This inspection is to check the condition of the house, but is also an opportunity for you to point out any problems that you have encountered since last time.

Moving on

Nothing lasts forever… We’ll make it as easy as possible when you are ready to move back out.

Depending on the terms of your Tenancy Agreement, there are a couple of different scenarios when you are ready to move on. If you are on a Periodic Tenancy, you will be required to give 21 days notice, in writing, when you wish to end your tenancy.

If you are on a Fixed Term Tenancy, there will be an end day already set. We’ll contact you 21 days before this date to check whether you will be moving out then, or would like to stay longer in the property. If you want to leave early, you may be required to continue paying the rest until the date originally decided. Sometimes, for a cost, we can advertise the property and find new tenants to take it over, in which case you will be responsible for the rent only until that time.

Bond inspections

We want you to be able to get your whole Bond back when it comes time to move on, so we conduct a transparent inspection process.

Once you have moved all of your belongings out of the property and thoroughly cleaned the house and grounds, we will come to do your final inspection. This is done with the Initial Inspection Report that was given to you at the start of the tenancy and any damage that is not reported on this will be considered your responsibility. In the case of significant damage that is not the result of general ‘wear and tear’, money may be deducted from your Bond to cover repairs.

Once we are happy that the house is up to standard and all your rent and water rates have been paid in full, we will sign the Bond Form and send it down to Wellington. They will check over it and deposit the money to be returned into the bank account you nominated on the form.


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