Our Services for Landlords

Now you can completely take the stress out of being a landlord, leaving it all to us. Whether it’s an investment property, or your family home, our full management service means we will look after it as though it were our own.

Finding you the right tenant

Finding you the perfect tenant for your property is our aim and we have a number of tricks up our sleeve that we can employ for you.

At Hot Property Management and Rentals, finding your ideal tenant is our business. We’ll take care of all the marketing, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. As well as advertising on our website, your property will receive advertising in the local free magazine, the Ponsonby News.

We’ll erect an attractive and eye-­‐catching For Rent sign on your property and show prospective tenants through your property, so you don’t have to have that hassle. You will also benefit from our highly visible location, which sees a high volume of foot traffic from prospective tenants and drives constant enquiries.

Renting your property

We take care of all the admin and paperwork involved in getting your property tenanted, without you worrying about a thing.

Because we’ve been doing this a long time, we’ve got the rental process down to an art. All interested parties are given a detailed Application Form, which gets completed and returned to us. We carry out extensive reference checks with present and previous landlords and/or employers so you can be confident we’re getting a good fit for your home.

Once a tenant is selected, you have the chance to approve them, and we prepare the legally binding Tenancy Agreement. We will collect the Bond (3 weeks rent) from the tenant and pay this to the Department of Housing and Building, who hold it until the end of the tenancy. We then collect the first weeks rent and arrange for the tenants to set up a regular automatic payment into our Trust account.

Prior to the tenants moving into your property, we will complete a written Initial Inspection Report and take a current water reading from the property. You will be able to see and approve this report and a copy will be given to the tenant to sign off also. This report enables us to check, at the end of the tenancy, that the property has been maintained to its original standard.

Ongoing rental property management

Whether you’re here or overseas, we’ll look after the ongoing care of your property and its maintenance, so you don’t have the hassle.

Our complete property services include the following, on an ongoing basis:

  • Processing the rents daily into our Trust account
  • Checking any rent arrears and following these up immediately with a phone call and then a 10 Day Notice, as required
  • Inspecting the property after the first 3 months of tenancy and every 6 months following that, sending you a written report after each visit
  • Arranging any required repairs and maintenance work on the property, utilising our network of trusted tradespeople
  • Paying all the regular outgoings, ie: water rates, Council rates, insurance, garden or lawn maintenance and Body Corporate fees
  • Sending a copy of the water rates account, with an accompanying letter, to the tenants, to pass on the cost to them and ensure it is paid promptly
  • Paying any rents collected that month, less outgoings and management fees, to your bank account, regularly and promptly
  • Handling terminations of tenancy agreements, including advertising the property to find new tenants as soon as possible, doing the final check against the Initial Inspection Report and arranging for the tenants’ Bond to be refunded once all rent and water rates are paid, all cleaning is completed, all rubbish is removed and any damage is repaired
  • Attending the Tenancy Tribunal on the landlords behalf, as needed. We’ll also hand any issues over to a debt collection agency and handle that for you, if required

To terminate a Management Agreement, either party must give the other 30 days notice, in writing.

Expert advice

Our team live and breathe property management and rental services. You’re welcome to pick our brains anytime you have questions.

At Hot Property Management and Rentals, we have a thorough knowledge of the current Auckland rental market. Our advice is often sought on appropriate rent to ask for a property and we can happily appraise your existing property, or one that you are looking to purchase, and provide recommendations.

Because it is our business to find you the right tenants, we frequently advise property owners on necessary work or optional improvements that would enhance the property to make it more appealing for prospective tenants.